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The Simplest Wall Wine Rack

Wall wine rack , in addition to offering a specific place to store wine and other beverages. Brings elegance to the decoration of the home. And you can do it in rooms as varied as the kitchen, the living room, a basement and even the garage. This article describes the possibilities of a wine rack as part of the decoration. And how the shelves should be for storing wine bottles. It also explains how to build artisan shelves with wooden slats, cans and ceramic vaults . A wine rack is an excellent way to decorate the house. It brings elegance and adapts very well to both classic and modern environments. You can also be in different spaces. Such as in the kitchen , the living room , even the hall or other places where you can make a corner. Such as a basement, a covered patio and even the garage .
Of course, you do not need to be a wine specialist. Nor a collector with a wall cover in bottles to install a wine rack in the home. A small one, in which they fit about six or eight bottles, is a very valid alternative, which does not occupy much space. Its works very well at decorative level and allows to have a reserve of wines or liquors for special occasions. The simplest wall wine rack consists of shelves large enough to hold the bottles. Wine experts recommend always keeping the bottles horizontal (i.e., “lying down”). So that the liquid remains in contact with the cork and it stays moist. Otherwise, the cap dries and allows oxygen to filter, which alters the properties of the beverage.
it is possible that the wine rack has several shelves or that it is a small structure, with only one shelf. In any case, it is not advisable to embed it to the wall. Since its weight and size are considerable and make it difficult to hold it. But to support it on the floor or on some other piece of furniture. A somewhat more complex way to create a wall wine rack is through the union of small wooden slats diagonally, crossed. This design is attractive and quite easy to make, as well as allowing you to make the most of the space. However, it requires careful planning, to know how many bottles you will want to store. And, therefore, how much wood you will need to acquire to build it.

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