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Tips to Dress Coffee Table Ottoman

Coffee table ottoman will save some money and can design furniture to suit your current interior and taste. With some effort, turn the coffee tables and ottomans into something that looks brand new and is more functional. With a fresh layer of furniture fabric, you can transform an old ottoman into an eye-catching piece, or transform an old coffee table into functional seating with a little fill. Even beginner crafters can complete both projects in an afternoon.


Wallpaper a coffee table

Clean the oily residue or dirt from the top of the table. Wipe it with alcohol so stuffing will keep better. Measure the length and width of the top of the coffee table, knowing how much furniture and stuffing you need. Add 12 inches to both measurements to provide space for padding and a bottom fold. For example, if the coffee table measures 36 inches by 24 inches, adding 12 inches gives you a final measurement of 48 inches by 36 inches. Lay the fabric on a flat surface. Measure and mark your measurements length and width with chalk. Cut the piece of cloth with scissors.

Measuring and marking measurements with chalk on padding. Cut out the foam pad using a knife or scissors. Crafts or sewing shops carry different sizes and thicknesses of padding. Place the fabric cover on the floor, right side down. Place the padding on top of it. Adjust the fabric so it is the same on all sides. Fold the fabric over to the bottom of foam lining and glue it into place. Work on opposite sides and pull the fabric tightly as you glue it into place on the cushion. Place the staple, if necessary, in the fabric and padding to hold them in place while the glue dries. Place the padding on top of the coffee table. Press down on padding to keep it in the table; let the glue dry.

Remove the old fabric from ottoman, if dirty or broken. Cut the fabric off the furniture carefully so as not to damage the padding. You can also cover the old fabric with new, if it is not dirty or too damaged. Measure the width and length of the ottoman, including stuffed sides. Add 12 inches to your measurements to provide enough fabric to attach to the bottom. Measure and cut your furniture size according to your measurements. Place the cut fabric with the right side down on the floor. Turn Osman up and down on the fabric and adjust to have equal lengths of fabric on all sides. Pull the fabric tightly and over the bottom of the Ottoman and staple instead. Continue pulling and stapling until complete.

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