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Tips to Handmade Toddler Beds

A handmade toddler beds is one of the most intimate furniture construction projects that can be taken. To put together a crib is quite simple, as cribs generally contain only a few parts. It can look scary especially if you have a baby on your way and you want to see his safety, but if you take the time and read the instructions carefully, you should be able to put the crib together for a short time with very few problems.


Use a tape measure and angle handle to measure and mark the lines on 2-of-2-inch pine wood for four, 18 inches in length. Set the base unit in the toddler bed with mattress upright, with the plywood mattress base under the four crib legs. Use the tape measure, angle handle and ruler to draw a vertical line on the upper surface of the 58-by-34-inch plywood base, along the long axis and 3/4 in from the edge. Repeat this procedure; draw an identical line on the other side. Measure and mark an identical set of 18 boreholes on each of these lines, 3 inches apart begins at a point 3 inches from the end. Use a drill to drill 3/4 “hole half-inch depth in all 36 drill holes.
Measure and use a jigsaw to cut 36 3/4 inch pine doweling 31 inches in length. Measure and cut two 1-by-2-inch pieces of numbers work for the best toddler bed white on the pages. Cut them with a circular saw. Lay one of them on a flat surface, and then drag a centerline along the upper, flat and long shoulder pieces. Measure and mark the same 18 boreholes of the same size and places as the holes on the mattress bottom. Drill 3/4 “whole half-inch deep on all drill marks. Ground, drill and drive 3/4 “wood screws through the L-bracket to attach the gable to the mattress bottom. Repeat this process on the other end.  Apply construction glue to one end of pieces of doweling, and insert them into the holes in the upper rail. Repeat this process on the second upper rail.
Turn the top rail assembly and apply building glue to each dime. Put pieces of plug into glue-applied hole in the mattress base. When fully inserted, the ends of the upper bars should rest completely on the upper surface of the crib end panels. Repeat this process on the second upper rail assembly. Use a wooden rasp and sandpaper to clean up and level all edges of the crib. Use wood filler to level out plywood cuts. Prime and paint or bite and paint all surfaces. This crib is designed to hold a standard 51-5 / 8-by-27-1 / 4-inch infant mattress.

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