To Make Full Size Bookshelves Dividers

Bookshelves dividers – Bookshelves offer a convenient storage solution for more than books. They can also help keep your electronic equipment, DVD, music and photos organized and displayed in an attractive way. Use vertical bookshelf dividers to help separate areas in your bookcase or to keep books from falling over if your bookcase is not full. The divisions help you keep all your DVDs in your books and your photos from taking over space on your electronic equipment.

How to make full size book divider? So, starting with measure the height and depth of the shelves. Draw the shape of the vertical divider on a piece of 1-by-12-inch numerical plate using the measurements and a straightening. The shape should be a square or rectangle that is designed to fit nicely between the shelves and reach all the way from the front of the shelf to the back. Cut the mold with a saw. Repeat with the number of parts you need. Bookshelves typically look best with at least two dividers per shelf. Sanda the edges of the divider with a sandpaper to remove all sharp edges. Sand the entire divider with fine sandpaper to prepare it for painting.

Next, paint the diy room dividers to match your bookcase with a brush. If your bookshelf is colored, paint on the stain and wipe it with a cloth, after the grain of the wood. Do not paint or stain the parts on the bottom, top or back, only those parts that will appear. Allow the partition to dry. Slide the divider onto the shelf, making sure it fits nicely between the two shelves. Mark the front of the upper and lower shelves where you want the divider to sit. Drill three pilot holes on top and bottom shelf along the line where the divider is located. Use a recess to drill a hole to rest the screw head. Some bookshelves have ridges that are either attached to the wall or are made of a thin material, so there is no need to screw through the back.

Spread the trelim in a zigzag pattern at the top, back and bottom of the divider. Place the adhesive with a color scratch along the top and bottom to eliminate most of the excess adhesive, which can scratch away as you slide it between the shelves. Slide the divider into position between the shelves. Put the wooden screws in the pilot holes and pull them into the partition, be sure to drive the screws straight. Crooked screws can pop out the parts of the divider. Fill the screw holes with wood filler and allow it to dry. Sanda area and touch the color.

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