To Mount A Bathroom Wall Storage Cabinets

Dec 12th

Bathroom wall storage cabinets – To mount a bathroom wall cabinet, starting with measure the space where the cabinet must be placed. Using a measuring tape, measure the width of the wall and the height from the top of the toilet tank to the ceiling. The bottom of most cabinets is approx. 2 meters above the tank. Step 2, measure 2 meters above the toilet and place a mark on the wall with a pencil. From this point, use the path finder to locate two wall tabs and mark where they are located. Once you have placed and marked where the tabs are, run a stitch in each point.

Wall Mounted Bathroom Cabinet
Wall Mounted Bathroom Cabinet

The nail will give the bottom of the cabinet something to rest on while it is attached to the wall. Step 3, lift the bathroom wall cabinet and rest the bottom of it on the nails. While your helper holds the cabinet in place, measure the distance from the bottom of the cabinet to the seam where the pin is located. Step 4, locate the shelf brackets inside the cabinet at the back.

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Place a mark from the inside of the wall hung bathroom cabinet on the bracket using the distance you came up with when measuring from the bottom of the cabinet to the nail. Do this from both sides. If there are three brackets, you will use six screws – two screws on each casing bracket. Step 5, use your drill to insert a screw but not completely tighten it. Place the 2-foot level on the bottom shelf to make sure the cabinet is on the wall. Make the necessary adjustments and then fully tighten the screw.