To Sew A Couch Slipcovers

Couch slipcovers are a great way to keep the furniture clean or refresh a room. Premade slip cover can be purchased, but it fits can be questionable. A tailor-made slipcover to fit your sofa can be an easy project for even the inexperienced sewer. How about the measurement? Starting with measure the length and width of the sofa. Start from the floor and stretch the ribbon to the top of the couch, across the back and to the floor. For width. start from the floor and measure up in the back of the couch at its highest point, on the seat, over the seat and to the floor in front of the sofa.
Add an extra inch or two on each corner for seams and an extra 3 inches on the seat and back for tucking. Measure weapons, from the floor to the top of the arm, then down to the seat. Double this number to cater for both parties. Add measurements to discover how many meters of fabric are needed. The average couch needs 16 to 20 meters of fabric. More fabric is required if you use a patterned fabric instead of a solid. How about the cutting sectional sofa covers? Starting with drape the fabric over the couch, fitting separate pieces for the seat, back and sides. Start cutting the fabric at the bottom of the sofa where it will be greatest.
Allow 1 inch to the edge of the seams. Cut the fabric to the seat, then 2 to 3 inches on the back of the seat for tucking. Pin the fabric to the sofa so that it stays in shape. Second, cut back next, fasten the fabric firmly at the bottom of the inside back to hold it in place. So you pull the fabric over your back. Allow a 1-inch nail to the edge. Third, pin fabric to the top of the arm at the widest place, then enough fabric to drape over to cover the arm on both sides. Cut the fabric to fit the arm, then 2 to 3 inches for tucking on the seat and under the arms and 1 inch at home and seams.
How about the sewing? Starting with pin pieces together where they meet. And ensure coverage retains their shape and structure still smooth. Sew a section at a time, put on the sofa after each section to check again fit. Finish diy sectional couch covers by sewing the seam. A simple finish can put the end underneath so that the original seam is on the opposite side of the fabric. Hems can also be done by adding a thin string of another material.

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