Unique Bookshelves Personalized Design Interior

Unique bookshelves – Regeneration, reuse, reuse, recycling, found objects, container skipping, freecycle, recovery, and disposal are all words and terms for the same thing: the search and use of used or old items instead again. Taking something discarded and doing something useful that is a very productive and satisfying project. Furniture made of recycled material saves money, allows creative expression and helps the environment. A do-it-yourself bookseller is a fun and easy project that takes a little time and some tools and materials. Open the ladder and fasten the safety hinges. Lay the wooden planks through the steps of the staircase to rest on the steps. Either let the planks extend rungs of the ladder of the past or cut to the length between the steps. Screw the planks to the steps of the ladder.

Decorate to your liking, with paint, stencils, pearls or other objects recycled or found. Pile four milk crates on top of each other and use fastening bands to hold the boxes together by a four-shelf vertical shelf. Make two matching vertical designer bookcase to put on either side of a TV or a reading chair and lamp. Pile nine plastic milk boxes three high and three wide and fix them together with fastening bands for a unit wall shelf. Make two vertical shelves of four shelves with plastic milk boxes, but put a wooden plank between each cage by a large auxiliary wall-cabinet. Salvage empty dressing table or cabinet drawers discard or in a scrapyard. It does not matter if they are different pieces of furniture. Support drawers upon its bottom, the side that hit the back of the cabinet or cabinet that were part of when the drawer was closed. Screw them into a wall or together to create unique bookcases.

Trim the faces out of the very ugly or throbbing drawers and use those for the interior and the lower sections, keeping drawers with good lining and taking care of the upper section. Paints and varnishes are not the only options to give old minimalist bookshelves a new look. Garage-sale and furniture for the flea market finds are easily customizable. Decorate with decals, templates, mosaic, paint or imitation finishes. Create a unique and attractive library, giving it an aged look. A series of treatments bring out aged or degraded wooden furniture, including latex paint in difficulties, lime baths, and end of crunching. Before applying paint or other finishes, use a hammer to the anguish of the wood, adding interesting notches, scratches, and scratches.

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