Use Bar Tray for Different Purposes

Nowadays there are some products that can fulfill multiple functions and that in spite of having a function or a more common use. They can be use for different purposes and thus achieve equally good results. Also, with a little creativity you can give a second use to an object that otherwise we would not use it. And in this way reuse and give them a second chance. We always want to offer you the best ideas, tips and products so that you get the most out of all the elements of your home. This time we want to give you some ideas about some uses for bar tray, such as the trays for decorating tables. The tray is one of the household products that we can use the most. In principle they were designed to be able to carry food and drinks without danger of collapsing. But little by little they have been acquiring different uses.
The trays to decorate tables are one more. And that is that the trays can be totally decorative! Choose the tray model that you like the most. Or the one that fits your idea and place it in the center of the table. Let your imagination fly when it comes to decorating! Do you want to innovate in terms of photo frames? Choose trays to decorate tables to which personal photographs can be added. These bar tray have to have a glass in the background. Through which you can see the different photographs you have chosen. It is a great idea for the trays to decorate tables as we are used to seeing photo frames on walls. Or also the classic frames that rest on different furniture but these are not so common.
Do you want to decorate your table in an original way? Decide by the trays to decorate tables that serve to place plants. Normally we are use to centerpieces with vases with flowers. But it is not very common for a tray to occupy the center of the table. We suggest that you choose a wooden bar tray, that the edges are several centimeters high and have two handles. Enter small plants in their pots and get a great result with this type of trays to decorate tables. Yyou’ll have your own mini garden! If these plants are some that serve as a seasoning for your dishes. Such as rosemary, parsley or mint, much better!

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