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What Sectional Sofa its Right for You?

What do you use your sectional sofa for? To drink coffee, read homework, take a nap, sit with your ipad or relax with a good book or a new magazine? If you find one that suits your needs, the sofa is one of the best places to hang out in your home. We ask you three questions that bring you closer to what sofa its right for you. Go for a high back and a small seat depth. Hard cushions make it easy to sit upright without sinking. A sofa with deep seats makes you slide down on the sofa. It’s a good thing if you primarily use your sofa for relaxation. With a seat depth of 40-60 cm it is possible to sit upright while a seat depth of +60 cm is for you who likes to lie back.
Where should the couch stand? In a small room: A sofa on tall legs seems easy and fits well into a small room. Select the sofa in a light shade so it does not take too much attention in the room. In a big room: Here you have the freedom to choose a sofa in a different color and shape. Starting from existing colors in the living room. The interior is not too messy. Should you choose fabric or leather? If you want a soft and comfortable sectional sofa that’s hot to put in. Make sure to choose a fabric that can withstand a damp cloth. Choose leather: If you want a luxurious look that lasts a long time. The leather is only nicer to get a little patina. However, it may be a bit cold to sit in a leather sofa.
The sofa is typically the most important piece of furniture in a living room. While internal tendencies lean toward moving the furniture out in the middle of the living room. This is actually poor feng shui. In order for people to feel really safe. The largest aspect of a room must be “anchored” against a solid wall. Feng shui leans against the connection between feelings of instability in family life and work, wealth and health and floating living sectional sofa. While the correlation may seem strange to some, try it. Fly your sofa in the middle of the living room and see how it feels. Do the same with the sofa against a solid wall. You will feel inherently more vulnerable to the fluid. And more secure with the anchored to the wall.

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