What’s Your Favorite Library Bookshelves Style?

Library bookshelves – Spiral, recuper ‘, colors, cubes … These libraries, arranged by the pros of decoration, compete ingenuity to put away our favorite books. Book lovers know (or at least have understood at their expense): reading and books, even in pocket size, it takes up space! We like to have our favorite stories and those we expect to discover close to us. And better still give a small space well-arranged books so they do not invade the whole house in a hazardous way. It is sometimes necessary to redouble imagination to find a place for all novels, police intrigue, historical publications and biographies of all kinds. Especially when there is a lack of square meters on the ground. On multiple shelves and cleverly installed between works of art and trinkets of all kinds, books can beautifully decorate our interiors.

They bring a touch of color and are an excuse to buy an original and 100% decorative storage. Whatever the room of the house, the library can take a thousand and one forms: spiral, cube or asymmetrical, all the options, even the most zany, are to consider to store our precious grimoires and manuscripts! How to have a functional library? We all remember the massive wooden bookcase of our parents and / or grandparents. The trend is no longer furniture that takes up space, but intelligent furnishings. At the head of the bed, under the bench, in an angle, the library becomes an object that makes life easier and takes up no more space unnecessarily (especially if the apartment is small). Sometimes leave room for a library classic is complicated according to the distribution and layout of our interior but also according to the chosen decoration.

If customization is preferable in this case, you should know that all unused furniture and equipment can also serve as shelves for your books. The top of a piece of furniture, stacked crates, a coffee table, a headboard, or old industrial lockers: we do not hesitate to divert them to the library! This house bookstore can also be useful for separating spaces by serving as an airy partition and avoid smothering the room with a solid wall. You can also turn a wall into a library from top to bottom and thus give it a real function. Little trick: to avoid the sometimes heavy effect of a pile of books stuck on a big surface, Objects or tables are placed between the books to bring air to the library. In the bedroom or living room and why not in the kitchen, the library is at once practical and aesthetic.

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